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Kari [userpic]
Monday, 9 October 2006
by Kari (meinterrupted)
at October 9th, 2006 (10:02 pm)

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First of all, the NH editors would like to apologize for the lack of the newsletter lately. I also apologize if I've missed anything in this post. It's really, really long. I'm actually impressed I managed to get it in the right journal.

General Narnia Fiction
- rosa_cotton wrote A Girl Worth Fighting For. Jill asks some questions. Eustace gives some expected and unexpected answers. And a discovery is made. Pre-Last Battle. Eustace/Jill. G.
- cleansemysins wrote Enough. No summary. Peter/Susan. G. Incest.
- clairie_poo wrote Untitled. No summary. Peter/Susan. G. Incest.
- it_mightbe_love wrote Turnabout is Fair Play. Peter soon learns that his little brother, not so little anymore, and that in the game of playing for keeps, turn about, really is fair play.. Peter/Edmund. NC-17/Adult. Incest, BDSM, kink, etc.
- it_mightbe_love wrote Ever Afters and the Like. They really do get an ever after, after all. Peter/Edmund. Not rated. Incest.
- suborbital wrote The Day Peter Went Away. Edmund will never forget the day Peter went away. Peter/Edmund. PG. Incest.
- suborbital wrote Legend of the Shian, ch 3. Edmund faces his doppelganger and fights to save two kings. Edmund. PG.

Real Person Fiction
- cherryclouds wrote In Dreams. No summary. Will. Not rated.
- thegoodbyegir1 wrote Anna's Song: chapters one, two, three, four, and five. Filming has started on the second enstallment of the Narnia movies, but its different this time.... Will/Anna. PG.
- sg_crazy wrote My Soul for a Song, chapters one and two. He would willingly exchange his soul for another verse of song from her lips, without care of consequence… Will/OFC. PG-13/Teen.
- shirehobbit2002 wrote A Little Faith, chapters 33, and 34. No summary. Will/Anna. G.
- londonpryncess wrote Obvious, ch 8. Sequel to 'More Than Anything'. Will/Anna, Skandar/Georgie. Not rated.
- autumnleavefall wrote Whole. He was the thing that could make her whole... Will/Anna. PG.

- rommipullo posted 11 icons.
- whiterthensnow posted 19 icons, 41 icons, and 24 icons.
- mmmfishfingers posted James banners.
- evacuatelondon posted 22 icons.
- wecrash posted 22 icons.
- valliegurl posted 5 icons.
- tattooedsiren posted James banners with matching icons.
- coolcoo posted 11 icons and 9 icons.
- ibelonginnarnia posted 11 icons and 22 icons.
- forbiddenstorm posted 9 icons.
- fozzie_loves_me posted 12 icons.
- pokecharm posted icons.
- xqueenrosefaex posted Tumnus art.
- apie77 posted Tumnus/Lucy art.
- dreamsinger17 posted 20 icons.

- Session winners have been announced at narnia_awards.
- Voting for narnia_stills is now open.
- Challenge 47 has been opened at narnia_icontest.
- Challenge 46 winners are announced at narnia_icontest.
Other contest entries have not been linked due to being outdated by the time of the newsletter. Sorry.

- There is a mod announcement in narnia_ratings.
- There is an announcement about the Tumnus/Lucy fanzine.

*The editors of the Narnian Herald would appreciate if authors would rate and summarize their fiction, and post warnings for content, and artists to give icon counts (if applicable) and any relevant warnings.

*Anyone who has a community to add to the NH list should comment here. The NH watchlist can be found here.