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narnian_herald's Journal

The Narnian Herald
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IMPORTANT: Please do not join narnian_herald. I am intending the membership to be open to mods only. If you want to watch it, go ahead and add it to your friends list by clicking the little piccy at the leftmost end of that bar right above this information.

Welcome to the Narnian Herald! We're a brand new newsletter for the Narnian fandom on LJ. Here you can find daily reports on the fanfic, graphics, and discussion going on in the Narnian fandom. This is created in the fine tradition of newsletters like hogwarts_today, and it hopefully will become as great as they are in its own small way.

There are some things the Narnian Herald needs. One is at least one co-mod — six of them would be ideal. I don't have time in my life to handle updates every day, and everything would be a whole lot easier if we could assign a person to handle each day's newsletter. Another is not essential, but would be very much appreciated: some graphics for the newsletter. If anyone feels like taking the time out of their life to create a Narnian Herald icon or even a header, I will probably squee all over you and offer whatever service I can provide in return (i.e. drabble-writing, the only thing I can do halfway properly).

Anything you wish to say about the Narnian Herald, you can say either in the community itself, by replying to one of my posts, or at this post, where I announced the NH to the fandom.

Graphics Credits
•personal icons by our very own _fullofgrace
•community icon and banner by sweet__tea